Saturday, 23 January 2010

White sandals and the school run

While shopping in our dear Martha yesterday, I came across an item that brought back long fogotten memories for me. I'm sure most people will have at some point come across some of these sandals!

As soon as I layed eyes on them, I was instantly taken back to my childhood and memories of mothers on the school run in the early nineties. Complete with large t shirts in pastel colours, leggings and of course a pair of these sandals.

That feeling of being so small, and surrounded by such late 80s/early 90s footwear in the mother's waiting area of Cherry Orchard first school. Maybe it was just my town... But these sandals are a sight i haven't seen since then. I just had to buy them, even though I couldn't decide weather they were truly hideous, or achingly cool. There were 3 pairs in the shoe rack in total, £1 each, two pairs in Black, one pair considerably more 'beat up' than the other. I decided to go for this stunning white pair.

I used to play many imaginary games in my garden with my old friend from first school. We required nothing more than a few flower pots for a whole days fun, and her mother practically lived in a white pair of these sandals. I really do wish that my purchase of these sandals could take me back to those carefree days, but I guess it's just a fleeting memory of pure happiness.
That was all abit deep for a pair of sandals!

Ah well, now how to transform them from truly hideous to achingly cool? I thought skinny jeans would take away their frumpy vibe, coupled with a slightly nautical, cropped T-shirt I bought today from another charity shop. Modern with a strong vintage edge. Add a grungy hairstyle and a long pendant for instant cool!

Sandals - Martha trust £1
Striped tshirt - Second hand, customised, charity shop
black skinny jeans - H&M
long tassle pendant - second hand, house clearance store

So there you go! I'm hoping I don't resemble a mother on an early nineties school run, but if Ido, is that such a bad thing?


  1. What a great way to recycle - cool

  2. definitely achingly cool, i love them!