Thursday, 28 January 2010

The best of the Bric a Brac

Martha is pure bric a brac heaven, if you have the time to really hunt through and visit regularly some real treasures can turn up. There is also new stock pretty much every day. So many charity shops just have the same old bric a brac every time i go, prehaps with the addition of an odd china cat if you're lucky!
For instance, Martha had a face sauna in today, if anyone is into that.
Anyway, here is a selection of the best bric a brac i have collected over a year or so, from martha.

Dolls leg (on shelf) - 30p (for whole broken doll)
Green oil burner - 10p
Old glass bottle - 10p
Hard plastic doll in black - 30p
Very old pack of charcoal - 10p
Headless doll - 10p
Mini teapot - 50p
Old book - £2
Jar - 10p
Legless doll (legs on shelf) - 30p
Rag doll - 10p
Photos on wall behind - second hand, from my vintage photo collection

This really old box of charcoal was a great find at the back of the 10p shelf. I love the old yellowing cellotape, its just a great box, and still full of charcoal!

Another couple of great 10p shelf items. Some kind of old rusty oil burner, that i think is just a great object. The jar has a really nice fancy lid, and is a nice shape, looks great with one of my old dolls heads inside.

I got this book so i could use the old paper to work on. Martha has a shelf of older, more interesting books, still only a pound or two, they're good to cut up or use for altered books.
The rag doll is one of my favourites, her embroidered features are lovely and give her a really interesting face, the plastic one is pretty average, but his left eye is kind of sideways which i like. You can see the nice lid of the jar in this picture and the two bits of dolls clothing in the corner are also from Martha Trust, 30p.

This headless doll was in the 10p box, i like her tights and dress, the lack of head is kind of cool. I have enough dolls with heads.

So there you go, Martha is a haven for interesting old items aswell if you keep your eyes out. What don't they have!

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