Sunday, 17 January 2010

Dean Sandford Interview

Hereford socialite, illustrator, amateur historian and food lover Dean Sandford tells us of his experiences in Martha Trust.

Lust: So Dean, what's your favourite thing about Martha Trust?

Dean: I'm rather fond of my Martha Trust Jumpers, particularly ones with cable knitting! But also Royal Memorablia and Gold Picture frames.

Lust: Any favourite finds?

Dean: Some of my favourite finds are a book of Stately Homes, my 1977 Queens Jubilee Saucer, a Blue V neck cable knit jumper and The Titanic on VHS!

Lust: What's the worst item you've seen on the shelves of Martha Trust?

Dean: I find a copy of that DJ Otzi single 'Hey Baby' the other day...

Lust: What do you dream of finding at the back of a dusty shelf?

Dean: I want a full Royal Tea Set, with the Queen on it. Or a Byzantine icon, but that would never happen.

Lust: But if it did happen it would only cost 30p.

Dean: Oh and The Titanic on DVD! I want that.

Thanks Dean, catch you in Martha's sometime!

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