Saturday, 23 January 2010

Breast Feeding T-shirt

This little gem turned up on the 50p rack today... The picture says it all really:

Yes, you really are seeing that. Your worst fears can be confirmed by this close up:

I suppose this sort of thing is supposed to make you feel connected with Mother nature, and the beauty of life or something, but I'm not really getting it. I mean those boobs are almost as long as her arms! Are those babies sucking on those pendulus teats, or are they sort of eagle/goat parasites? Wouldn't it be awful waking up with those things swinging from your breasts? And then to have the moment captured eternally in a wearable garment... The ultimate humiliation. I'll be wearing this one to an interview sometime for sure.

Much lust - Team Martha

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  1. Totally hilarious!! -- What a find and even better write up! smk, portland me