Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Tuesday's One Pence Wonders

Hey Lustlings,

Today's one pence box review involves some killer clutter. Dug up from the depths of what has been described as "literally just a bin" we have: A terrifying angel ornament, a tiny plastic sausage dog and an errr... knitted face?

Something about this little Angel isn't quite happy. The level of craftsmanship is, should we say, poor... It leaves one wondering about the suffering child who painted its blotchy eyes with their shaking, under-nourished hands. At any rate we at Martha Lust love it, expect it on our tree next year!

As for the skinny little puppy... WHY ARE ITS EYES RED? I'm guessing it may have been part of an animal testing lab play set.

And then there's that knitted face. Her wobbly eyes perpetually searching for the nose she will never have. Whoever made this was also a little careless with the glue around the eyes. It sort of seems to be crying orange juice or something... This one will be on my mind for a little while, I mean just look at it:

Okay, I'm off to buy a Polaroid photograph of nothing!

Much Lust - Team Martha

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