Friday, 22 January 2010

This week's Martha Crust: Worst item on sale!

While browsing the cuddly toy shelves, we spied something unusual; the corner of a polaroid photograph poking out from under a shabby stuffed Noddy. Perhaps it is an old family photograph? With luck, a real old one where some kid is kicking a clown in the shins or something... But no. This is in fact A PHOTOGRAPH OF NOTHING:

A solitary green square dominates this image. Perhaps it is an extreme closeup of broccoli? Or maybe it really is NOTHING? Has this anonymous photographer truly captured infinity? I'm looking very, very closely at it, and I think I can see some stars, and maybe the face of a bearded man in a white robe? Actually, no. It is just a green square.

When you take a photograph of nothing, don't you usually throw it away? On what planet do you donate it to a charity store? And what charity store would ever think to sell a photograph of nothing?! They weren't even quite sure what it was when I took it to the counter, I managed to agree the fair price of 10p for it. Oh Martha... please never change.

Much Lust - Team Martha

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  1. this is so brilliant! No wonder you love Martha, if this had been a British Heart Foundation or a Cancer Research, that photo of nothing would never have seen the light of day!