Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Hard Plastic Children

My Martha highlight would have to be my vintage hard plastic figures, for 30p each. The figures come in different types of costume, there are welsh national costumes, but my two welsh dolls have parts of the costume missing, so look more like witches! which is a plus for me. We also have a medieval princess, a sailor and some kind of boy with no trousers on and a felt hat! Pretty cool i thought, the boy is a particularly great figure, his face is all dirty with cute tinted cheeks and a sweet expression. The sailor is more sinister in appearance mainly because of his close together, slightly too large eyes, that blink really fast. These figures are now my army of children that stand on my desk, looking completely awesome, here they are!

They don't yet have names, any ideas?
Note the painted shoes and socks on the boy, the detailed beading on the princess' dress, and the brown waterstained tshirt on the boy, tatty chic!

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