Monday, 18 January 2010

One Pence Wonders

Hey Lusters,

This week's 1p box has yielded some particularly good crop! Although this box is mostly full of half-chewed pine-cones, bits of thread, semi-used candles and the Green Ranger's left leg, who cares IT'S ONLY ONE PEE!

We found a toy Zebra, a knitted duck (which fits rather well on to the Zebra) and a plastic Dinosaur! The care and craftsmanship that went in to the dinosaur becomes apparent with closer examination. His chest is embossed with the word 'CHINA' whilst his over large teeth, stumpy claws and massive feet serve to add a sense of excitement to my evening at home.

There's more to come from this box, so look out. If you've found something cool in the box, please get in touch!

Much Lust - Martha

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