Thursday, 21 January 2010

Child Art

Remember when you were in primary school? When you'd come home bursting with pride, a real masterpiece of creation in your bag. You thought you'd cracked post-post-modernism with your poster paints, you'd shown Tracy Emin what for, Charles Saatchi and the Tate will be duking it out with spears for this painting!

Your mother takes it, and stares for a minute."That's lovely, it's a... yes... Why is it so brown?"

No matter how awful it is, every piece of Child art deserves its month on the refrigerator or the mantel piece. But what about when Mum just can't look at it anymore? Where does it go?

Well now we know! Martha Trust came up trumps with these excellent specimens of Child Art:

This piece is by Luke, aged 6 & 3/4 (He says so on the back). I think it's a barnacle, but who can be sure? Is it Morgan Freeman's eye? A sphincter? The Sarlacc pit from Return of the Jedi?

And this piece is by Jack D. At least I think that's his name, it may simply be what this painting was made under the influence of. Either way I applaud this image, as I could tell that it's probably meant to be a Nautilus shell. Rock on Jack D.

Much Lust - Team Martha

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