Thursday, 21 January 2010

Gabrielle Brace interview

Illustrator, songstress and warrior princess Gabrielle Brace kindly took some time out to tell us about her good times with Martha!

Lust: Hi Gabrielle, what's your favourite thing about Martha Trust?

Gabrielle: It has to be their complete lack of a sense of value or worth. There are loose batteries of indeterminate life on the same shelf as cut crystal glasses, both 50p.

Lust: What is the best item you've ever found in Martha Trust?

Gabrielle: Practically: My brown leather and multi-coloured tapestry bag.
Spiritually: My 1p robin with filthy felt Christmas hat.

Lust: What's the worst/weirdest item you've seen on the shelves of our beloved trust?

Gabrielle: A BUMPER PACK OF TENA LADY PADS! £1! The poor incontinent lady who owned them must have died before she even got to open her bulk purchase...

Lust: What would be your dream item, that you one day hope of finding there?

Gabrielle: Some sort of hand-made Elephant? Preferably by an amature crafts-person. I want it to have been created, not out of a need for money, but out of love or insomnia or misunderstanding.

Lust: How upset would you be if Martha Trust was to ever close down?

Gabrielle: I would be utterly distraught!

Lust: Thanks, we'll catch you hovering around the 1p bin sometime!

Find more from Gabrielle in her trunk of delights here:

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