Saturday, 20 February 2010

Zombie Bambi

Hey Lustlings,
Another week, another casualty of Martha Trust. This fellow was my Valentines gift, so I don't know how little he cost, I just know that he's feeling a little worse for wear...

He seems mostly Bambi shaped, except for the crest on his head?! The eyes have drooped and his fur is a bit crusty, somewhat as though he's been rescued from a house fire incident. Does this sort of thing happen in every charity shop, or just Martha Trust? Why is every item on sale so terribly abused? It is possible though that that he's a special edition Zombie Bambi. Don't you all remember that scene from the Movie?

Much Lust! - Team Martha


  1. Oh, he's just adorable! What a unique St Val's gift.

  2. What terrifying things poor bambi has seen.
    I have never seen anything of such horrific quality in any of my local charity shops. I must make my pilgrimage to Martha's one day soon!

  3. Hahah awesome. Zombie Bambi!!!

  4. I remember that scene, it was one of my favourites. Bambi's Mom returns from the dead but little does Bambi know she's really after his brain and not his eyelashes.