Friday, 12 February 2010

Black Jesus!

Hey folks, here's an unusual wall accessory from Martha's frame boxes:
Yup, there he was. Everyone's favourite unconventional representation of Jesus, just sitting there for 30p! Surrounded by scenes from his life and set in a fine gold frame, this guy is totally rocking out on the mantelpiece.

I did a little research and supposedly beliefs that Jesus was black stem from a description of him in the Book of Daniel where his hair is said to be: "Like pure wool". Clear proof then that Jesus totally had dreads and was therefore black fo sho.

According to one website, Jesus was even a bit of a pot-head cum drug dealer, freely distributing cannabis oil amongst the sick and needy, whilst being frequently anointed in the stuff himself... Oh sure. Well anyhoo, this masterfully painted image claims to illustrates the stark truth:

There are also lots of alternative races of Jesus, some even more far fetched... Here's hoping these show up in Martha Trust soon!:

Chinese Jesus:
Indian Jesus:

And even Native American Jesus!:

Until next time! Much lust - Team Martha


  1. Is it wrong to fancy Jesus? That top Christ is seriously hot!

  2. he is abit! haha, although i'm not into beards