Tuesday, 16 February 2010

We know an old lady who swallowed a fly...

We've been sitting on this Martha Trust marvel for a while. This beautiful old lady is certainly hand sewn and one of a kind...
She's amazing enough just as she is, with her wiry legs, hunched position and terrifying nose... Is it just me, or does she bear a remarkable resemblance to that evil puppet in the Saw movies?
I was pretty excited as it was, but wait, what's this????!
What horrors lie in her belly? What on earth is that tangle of legs spewing forth from her oversized mouth?
Suddenly it becomes clear! It's the old Lady who swallowed a fly, and all of the other things she swallowed to catch the spider that caught the fly and so on... This is perhaps the scariest Nursery prop ever created, words can't describe the shivering sensation you get from stuffing a cow down her throat. Speaking of which something is wrong with that cow. Did you ever see one looking like this?
Until next time, Much Lust - Team Martha


  1. Ha! That's hilarious :D Good ol' Martha.

  2. the old woman is totally freakier than the saw killer! eeekk xx