Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oscar De Winterview (Part 2)

Oscar De Winter returns for the other half of his interview!

Lust: What's the weirdest thing you've come across in Martha Trust, your item of Martha Crust?
Oscar: I have very little time for anything other than the 1p reliquary. It is the only pilgrimage I deem worthy of significant veneration. You can keep your 10p tea cups or 20p coffee maker, if it’s not 1p then to me it is devoid of meaning. This does of course mean that I resign myself to half-burnt candles, Happy Meal toys, and things that definitely shouldn’t have been in proximity to plasticine at one point, but invariably have ended up with just a little bit of the wonderclay encrusted about their fabrics. Best item of Martha Crust for me has to be, for sheer confusion upon seeing it, a small piece of crochet in a pale lemon wool. I can’t even begin to describe it, so I’ll have to allow the photo to do the talking. 

Oscar: It’s got a ring in the middle, but it isn’t a scrunchie. It’s got a couple of layers, so it’s not a doilyesque coaster. It’s entirely impractical for any sensible purpose and aesthetically it is utterly devoid of any pleasing value. Artistic merit is equally poor. It’s almost infuriating how unnecessary the thing is. When something serves no purpose, is it worth existing at all? Questions like this are the reason that the 1p box is the true wonder of Martha Trust. No other charity shop causes
you to leave with an ontological debate on your hands.
Lust: What would be the Holy Grail of finds for you in Martha? What do you hope to spot poking out from behind an old foot bath?
Oscar: A second-hand truss. I’m going on an “If you can think of it, Martha will have it” theory, and so a second-hand truss would pretty much make my day. Failing that, some politically incorrect porcelain figurines never fail to catch my eye, the more offensive the better. Also, I’d really love to see what passes for taxidermy at Martha Trust.
Lust: Man, so would we...
Catch you soon Oscar! Much Lust - Team Martha.
You can find more about Oscar De Winter in his family album:


  1. Goddammit! I need to rummage in the 1p box. In fact, my next chazza shop outing with my adventures-in-chazzing best mate will be Hereford in two week's time.....Martha, I'm coming to get ya!

  2. Yay! I hope Martha Trust lives up to your expecations... Let us know if you find anything good!