Wednesday, 10 March 2010

A Morning in Martha

Today, we went on a trip to Marthas with a camera phone.
The first thing we found was the window full of some kind of bulk buy of Bathroom Scales, £5 each! I can't help but wonder who donated these. But if you're after some, you know where to go.

I found this Doll, I recon some little girls brother drew boobs on her dolly just to be a pain. I think it looks pretty awesome, but I can't say I would buy it for my child. From my past experience drawing on Barbies, I know that you can't wash biro of this kind of plastic, ah well, if anyone fancies this doll, shes still there.


  1. My little brother used to do that to my dollies, too.
    Loving the coat.

  2. Thanks, the coat is from Martha aswell :)

  3. that dolls kind of freaky!
    and oh how i regret drawing on my barbies!

  4. excellent stuff as always

    dont forget to pop in and pay a visit soon