Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Amongst Martha Trust's limited, but intriguing video and DVD section are such forgotten marvels as Julius Caesar in cartoon and an array of unknown action movies starring Shaq... However, we found Jim Davidson's 'Sinderella' with a capital SIN! An apparently "sell-out" adult pantomime from 1995. The raunchy, dirty and somewhat un-p.c content certainly lives up to the seedy aesthetics of its photocopied cover and yellowed DVD with the title written on in felt tip...

It quickly becomes clear that Jim Davidson and his cast, including an almost certainly drunk Charlie Drake, are making it up as they go along, with little regard for the script (if they ever read it in the first place). In fact we're pretty sure most of the cast are completely wrecked, whilst the audience according to the box are "in tears" allegedly of laughter... Including transvestite sisters, a horse with a giant penis and a prince with half a lob-on, this is the funniest pantomime ever to be forgotten.
Until next time - Much Lust - Team Martha (article by Dean)