Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Music Review: Great Sex mix tape.

We've recently started plundering Martha's cassette tape section in the hopes of finding obscure wonders. Our best find so far has been this glorious mix tape:
We've been listening to these 20 sensual grooves a lot at college lately, it's been instrumental to our artistic motivations. With such great tracks as "I Want to Sex You Up" and "Slow Hand", who couldn't love it? I'm pretty sure every song has a Sax solo.

It does leave you wondering does anyone really make love to this stuff though? Have you ever tucked your partner in to the sound of "'Bump N' Grind'? Did anyone ever hear 'Sexual Healing' blasting from their parent's bedroom at night? Probably not. (or I hope not anyway)
Actually from the looks of things, I'm guessing 'Imagination' definitely get it on to their own songs...

Much Lust! - Team Martha


  1. PLEASE stop finding such amazing things! I try and look at your posts at work, and I can't because I laugh too much!

    I WANT TO SEX YOU UP?! did they say these things in the 80's? It's hard to believe any of them actually pro-created and had us back then.

  2. I KNOW! Its so good, we listen to it all the time, "slow tongue" is my favourite haha

  3. Oh good god. Takes me back to the school discos of my youth. Vile, vile, vile! And they want to bring back the 80's?